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"I Wanted To Make Sure People Were Able To See Themselves In The Size Range."

Our fave Aussie vibrator queen Abbie Chatfield is prioritising size inclusivity with her latest fashion label 'Verbose The Label.'

The clothing brand ranges from sizes 6 to 26 and the website is categorised by sizes not styles so shoppers can view each design on various bodies. ⁠

"I didn’t want to do the classic just have a size 6 and size 20 girl [in the photos] otherwise everyone in between or above or under can’t see what the clothes would look like on them," Abbie told Kaleidoscope News, "I wanted to make sure people were able to see themselves in the size range."

The reality star/podcaster/radio host/entrepreneur/media personality (seriously woman when do you sleep?!?!) has been working on her clothing brand for over 18 months.

Throughout the process she sought feedback from numerous friends, including model and body acceptance advocate April Hélène-Horton.

Abbie says she wanted to get feedback from friends of all different sizes to make sure people of all body types enjoyed the designs. ⁠

"I asked my friends what do you like and what do you not like about certain clothes," says Abbie, "this was about when we were first thinking about a brand 18 months ago and it was just casual conversation."

So what’s next for the label?

Well, the next two collections are already being designed and the label could possibly be expanding even more.⁠

"We may expand the sizing range if there’s a demand for it," Abbie says, "we’re very open to that."



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