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Rupert Murdoch Newspaper Receives Backlash For Racist Headline

Adelaide newspaper, The Advertiser, has been called out for publishing an article over the weekend with a racist headline.

The South Australia paper published a story titled, "Black, Young and Ruthless: New Gang Terrorises Luxury Car Owners."

This story comes after three teenage boys were found allegedly breaking into cars in Maylands, SA, last week.

Activists and Jarjum Dolls founders, known as Dreamtime Aroha, called out the Murdoch paper for its offensive depiction of the youths.

"Maybe instead of headlining straight up RACISM Murdochs muppets should have the two missing Aboriginal children that haven’t been seen for 5 days in South Australia on the front page?," they wrote on social media, "because I’ve got some news for people… YT PEOPLE STEAL CARS AS WELL."

The Advertiser has yet to apologise for the story or change the offensive headline.



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