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First Nations Woman Banned From Playing NRL Game Over Instagram Post About The Queen

Newcastle Knights player Caitlin Moran has been hit with a fine and a one match ban after calling Queen Elizabeth a "dumb dog" on social media.

In reaction to the Queen's death, the First Nations NRLW player wrote on her Instagram stories that it was a "good fucking day."

The NRL claim Moran breached the NRLW Code of Conduct and "caused damage to the game" with her comments.

"Rugby league is an inclusive game and has a proud and strong relationship with many communities," as stated by the NRL, "regardless of any personal views, all players and officials must adhere to the professional standards expected of them and on this occasion, the public comments made by the player have caused damage to the game."

Moran was not only banned from playing an upcoming match but she also copped a fine worth 25 per cent of her salary.

Newcastle Knights player Caitlin Moran. Source: ABC

Sports commentator and (always) problematic radio presenter Ray Hadley described Moran's social media post as "perhaps the most reprehensible thing ever seen connected to rugby league."

Many on social media called out Hadley's hypocrisy considering the NRL has a long history of players being accused of harassment and sexual assault.



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