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The Daily Recap - Monday 1st August 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

**Trigger Warning - The following story references an ableist slur.**

Beyonce Uses Ableist Slur In New Album

The Beyhive may be loving Beyonce's new album, 'Renaissance,' however, the song 'Heated' has been criticised for featuring an ableist slur.

The problematic song was written by nine people, including Beyonce and Drake.

And during the outro, Beyonce is heard singing, "spazzin' on that ass, spaz on that ass."

Writer and disability advocate Hannah Diviney took to social media to educate others on how this word is harmful to the disability community, particularly those with Cerebral Palsy (like herself).

"It is not some shortcut for an emotional outburst or loss of control but instead comes from the word ‘spastic’ which most of you will know by now characterises a constant and incredibly painful unending tightness in my muscles that defines my Cerebral Palsy and has really been giving me absolute hell recently, even as I write this," says Hannah.

Only two months ago Lizzo was called out for using the same ableist slur in her song, "GRRRLS."

Within days from the initial backlash, Lizzo changed the lyrics and publicly apologised for using offensive language in her song.

Lizzo's willingness to learn initiated worldwide conversations about ableism and Cerebral Palsy; unfortunately, Beyonce didn't get the memo.

Hannah says, "it feels a little bit harder to pin this on ignorance," and give Beyonce the benefit of the doubt.

"Honestly feeling pretty heartbroken and defeated, maybe even more so than last time because of all the noise we made," says Hannah, "the many conversations it started around the world, and the wonderfully positive impact it had on Lizzo only a month or so ago - I thought I’d changed things but clearly I was wrong."

Neither Beyonce or anyone on her team has commented on backlash.


Charity in South Australia Promotes 'Abortion Reversals'

A Christian charity in South Australia is promising to connect people with doctors that can somehow reverse medical abortions.

Genesis Pregnancy Support claim it's possible to "save" the aborted foetus by giving the patient a dose of hormone progesterone right after they take the first abortion pill.

"It is not always successful, depending on how soon after taking the first pill it is administered," as stated on the Genesis Pregnancy Support website, "it has proven effective in saving the pregnancy in a number of cases and all without side effect to the baby."

Experts strongly disagree with this statement - the American College of Obstetricians (ACOG) say the treatment is "unproven," "unethical" and "not supported by science."

"[It] does not meet clinical standards," as reported by the ACOG, "abortion is an essential part of comprehensive medical care, and a patient’s decision to end a pregnancy following appropriate consultation with their trusted medical professional should be treated with respect."

The not-for-profit also claims many women are "coerced" into thinking abortions are the "best and easiest alternative."

They say it's wrong for the health system to offer abortions as the "main solution" for unexpected pregnancies.


RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars All Winners Queen Of All Queens FINALLY Crowned

**Spoilers Ahead**

The glorious Jinkx Monsoon is officially the winner of 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars All Winners.'

She is the first person in the entire franchise to win two seasons.

From her Snatch Game performance as 'Judy Garland,' to her hilarious graduation speech and comedy roast - Jinkx Monsoon truly OWNED Drag Race this year (but are we really surprised?!).

With the various endings of the finale being pre-recorded, Jinkx found out she won the Drag Race crown during her stint in Melbourne.

Thankfully her longtime friend, colleague and Drag Race alumni BenDeLa Creme was right by her side when she heard the news.

Jinkx Monsoon is currently travelling across Australia and New Zealand with BenDeLa Creme as part of their international tour.


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