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The Daily Recap - Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

People in Airports are Stealing Wheelchairs Thanks to a New TikTok Trend

A highly problematic 'travel hack' has made its way to TikTok.

Able bodied travellers are requesting wheelchairs so they can skip the queue at airports.

With already limited number of wheelchairs available at airports, this new 'trend' is leaving many disabled people stranded for hours at airports without access to adequate mobility equipment.

Heathrow Aiport CEO John Holland-Kaye urges people not to take part in this TikTok 'trend.'

"[It is] absolutely the wrong thing to be doing.”he told LBC radio, "please don't do that, we need to protect the people that need it most."


Aussie State Could Soon Be Introducing Medicare For Pets

The Animal Justice Party is calling for the Victorian government to introduce a Medicare system for animals dubbed "Veticare."

Under the proposed laws, vet care in Victoria would become free or subsidised.

The party also wish to establish public vet hospitals and further training for vet nurses.

The Animal Justice party hope Veticare will put less strain on vets. Source: Vetsource

If made into law, pet owners in Victoria can pay an annual fee and obtain a Veticare card to help with vet costs.

Pensioners and concession card holders will be able to bulk-bill vet care at public vet clinics, while Veticare card holders can have their vet care subsidised.

It's unknown yet how many people in Parliament support this motion.


Spanish Government Issue Piss Poor Apology For Problematic Body Positive Campaign

In case you missed it, last week the Spanish government launched a body positive campaign that featured the faces and bodies of women without their consent.

Not only that but many of the models' bodies were altered - even a woman's prosthetic leg was edited out.

After receiving worldwide backlash, the Spanish government finally issued an apology.

They claim they didn't know the faces used in the campaign were of real people.

However according to reports, only one of the models have received a direct apology.

The two women of colour in the campaign have not received an apology from the government.

Nyome Nicholas - Williams says she still had yet to be contacted by the Spanish Government.

"So the Spanish Government can only apologise to Juliet who is a white woman," she wrote on social media, "but apparently Sian and myself don’t get one?"



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