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The Daily Recap - Monday 5th September 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

White Ribbon Australia Wanted To Sell 'Wife Beater' Singlets To Raise Funds

A senior representative from White Ribbon Australia wanted the domestic violence charity to sell "wife beater" singlets.

The staffer suggested selling the merchandise for $1,000 and including a QR code on the item that would direct users to a domestic violence awareness website.

The highly problematic idea was canned after being deemed "too radical."

These white sleeveless tanks have been labelled the classist, sexist slur for decades. Source: Provided

Only last week White Ribbon Australia found themselves in yet another scandal.

The controversial charity came under fire for launching a social media campaign where people could donate funds to educate men about violence prevention.

The campaign's layout was eerily similar to charities that call on people to sponsor a child for just a dollar a day.

White Ribbon National Director Allan Ball said people "misunderstood" the message behind the social media campaign.

The campaign posts were later removed from social media.


Footage of AFL Player Dustin Martin Groping a Woman Resurfaces on Social Media

Richmond Tigers player Dustin Martin allegedly groped a woman without her consent.

According to the Herald Sun, the incident occurred The Sporting Globe Bar & Grill in 2015 during a 'Mad Monday' celebration.

The resurfaced footage shows Martin walking behind a topless woman and grabbing her breasts as she has a conversation with another man.

This isn't the first time Martin has been accused of violent and inappropriate to women.

In 2015 he threatened to stab a woman with a chopstick after she asked him to stop swearing at her.

The AFL is currently investigating the footage of Dustin Martin. Source:

Tigers coach Damien Hardwick says the groping video has "been a distraction" for Martin and the club.

He says these kind of things "happen from time to time in footy clubs," and the team has dealt with similar issues in the past and will likely "deal with more issues in the future."

"The reality is the guys will move on with it," says Hardwick.


Palestinian Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike After 182 Days

Khalil Awawdah has suspended his hunger strike after Israeli authorities finally agreed to release him from prison.

For the past 182 days, Awawdah has been on hunger strike in protest of his administrative detention without charge or trial.

According to reports, the Israeli military court of Ofar will release Awawdah early next month.

In the mean time, Awawdah will remain in hospital until he is able to stand up and walk again.

Under international law, administrative detention is considered illegal.

Amnesty International has described the detention policy as a "cruel, unjust practice."

Israel continues to hold an estimated 680 Palestinians in administrative detention.

These Palestinians remain in detention without charge or trial for periods up to six months, which can be renewed indefinitely.

Reports indicate Israelis will often detain Palestinians based on "undisclosed evidence," that often cannot be viewed by the detainees and their lawyers.



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