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The Daily Recap - Wednesday 7th September 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

Margaret Court Is Mad The Tennis Community Ostracised Her Because Of Her Anti-LGBTQ Beliefs

In a recent interview with The Telegraph UK, Aussie tennis player Margaret Court has spoken out against Serena Williams and the tennis community.

Court says it was dishonourable for Williams to not "mention her opponent more" during her final speech at the U.S Open.

"We were taught to be role models for the young, in how we behaved," she says, "we were taught to honour our opponent, you learned from your losses, we respected one another."

During her interview, the now Pentecostal Christian pastor also spoke about how the tennis community has ostracised her because of her beliefs.

She claims the press often will not mention her name and only do so "when they have to, because she still holds so many records."

"I think a lot of it is because of being a minister and making a stand for my beliefs," says Court, "I have had a lot of bullying, but we should be able to say what we believe - I’ve got nothing against anybody, I respect everybody, I minister to everybody."

In 2021 Margaret Court was awarded the Order of Australia Medal which caused nationwide controversy. Source: CBS Sports

Court is strongly against LGBTQIA+ rights, which has led to her downfall in the public eye.

In 2012 she claimed she helped gay people in her church "overcome" their homosexuality.

"We have them in our church, I help them to overcome," she says, "we have people who have been homosexual who are now married."

During a sermon Court also spoke out against trans athletes and how the LGT community is associated with the devil.

"And you know with that LGBT, they’ll wish they never put the T on the end of it because, particularly in women’s sports, they’re going to have so many problems," she says, "you know, even that LGBT in the schools, it’s the devil, it’s not of God."


Two LGBTQIA+ Activists Have Been Sentenced To Death In Iran

Iran has sentenced two women to death for their LGBTQIA+ activism.

According to the Hengaw Organisation for Human Rights, Zahra Seddiqi Hamedani, 31, and Elham Choubdar, 24, were found guilty of "spreading corruption" and promoting homosexuality.

However, the Iran’s judiciary claim the women are being sentenced for "human trafficking" offenses.

Both women were informed of this verdict while in prison in the town of Urmia.

Amnesty International says Seddiqi Hamedani has been detained "solely in connection with her real or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity." Source: BBC

Seddiqi Hamedani is a prominent Iranian LGBTI activist who was arrested in October after trying to seek asylum in Turkey.

During her time in prison she was held in solitary confinement for almost two months.

Before her arrest Seddiqi Hamedani shared a video on social media calling for freedom in Iran.

"I hope the day will come when we can all live in freedom in our country," she said, "I am journeying toward freedom now… if I don’t make it, I will have given my life for this cause."

Under Iranian law, sexual activity between same-sex partners is illegal.

Punishment fo such offences includes flogging and the death penalty.


Two Sydney Rapists Walk Free On Bail Moments After Being Charged

**Trigger Warning - This story discusses sexual assault. **

Two men accused of raping a 22 year old woman have been freed on bail.

Omar El-Sayed, 23, and Rami Katlan, 24, have both been charged with aggravated assault.

The two were allegedly involved in a gang rape that occurred at a woman's home in Belmore, Sydney.

In April the woman invited a 24 year old man name Adam Kabbout to her home.

The two had previously hooked up months earlier after meeting through Tinder.

But while the woman was in her bathroom, a group of men allegedly appeared 'out of the blue' in her living room before sexually assaulting her.

Kabbout allegedly arranged the gang rape and attempted to film the attack.

Adam Kabbout made a failed bid for bail in the Supreme Court last month. Source: Provided

NSW Police have defended the court's decision in letting El-Sayed and Katlan walk free on bail.

"Decisions on whether to release a person who has been charged with a criminal offence back into the community or deprive that person of their freedom are not taken lightly," said a police spokesman, "the safety of the community and protection of victims of crime are at the forefront of these decisions."



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