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The Daily Recap - Monday 11th July 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

**TRIGGER WARNING. The first story features an image of Aboriginals enslaved by colonisers.**

Monday 11th July 2022

Scott Morrison's Government Tried To Change The School Curriculum to Teach Kids a More "Positive, Optimistic View of Australia’s History"

According to leaked documents, the Liberal Party sought to rewrite Australia's history and cut out half of the years 7-10 history curriculum.

References to the "invasion" of Aboriginal land were to be taken out of the school curriculum and replaced with the "occupation" and "colonisation" of Australia.

To satisfy the Morrison government's Christian beliefs, references to Christianity were to be added to the curriculum so students can "appreciate the cultural and historical foundations of Australia's Christian heritage," and how Christianity impacted "Australian values."

Former Education Minister Alan Tudge says the Coalition "had some success" in rewriting the curriculum but wants more to done so young people understand "Australia is one of the wealthiest, freest, most egalitarian and most tolerant societies that has ever existed in all of human history."

"I still want to see a more positive, optimistic view of Australia’s history,” Tudge told Sky News, "there are opportunities for further improvements to the national curriculum and more are going to be needed."

Australia has a long history of slavery, genocide and mistreatment to Aboriginals - there is no "positive, optimistic view of Australia's history." Source:

According to reports, Opposition leader Peter Dutton will likely continue to push for these curriculum changes and reignite the education wars.

He says parents are concerned school curriculums and education in general is being "driven by unions and by other activists."


Republican Senators Get Sent Poo

All 25 Republican members of the Ohio State Senate have been mailed envelopes filled with poo.

Sadly for the poopers, all the envelopes were intercepted by post offices before the legislators could actually receive them.

A spokesperson for the Senate Republican caucus says they presume it's human poo and not animal poo. Source: Engadget

Thanks to the Republican senators of Ohio, abortions are banned after six weeks of pregnancy.

Only last week a 10 year old rape victim was denied an abortion in Ohio and forced to travel interstate to terminate the pregnancy.

For those with regular menstruation cycles, this ban prevents abortion only two weeks after a person would miss their period.

It makes no exceptions for rape, incest or life threatening health concerns.


Casual Hospitality Workers Are Calling On The Government To Reintroduce COVID Disaster Payments

Casual workers in the hospitality industry are in desperate need of the COVID leave disaster payment.

Since June 30, Australians without sick leave could no longer access the $750 pandemic leave disaster payment when sick with Covid-19.

Yet all workers that test positive for the virus still have to isolate for seven days.

Victoria is the only state where casual workers can access sick leave pay when isolating with Covid-19.

Head of Restaurant and Catering Australia Belinda Clarke says if the disaster payments weren’t brought back "there could be an increased spread of COVID-19 among hospitality staff which would strain the labour force in our industry."



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