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The Daily Recap - Thursday 11th August 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

**The following stories mention abuse and family and domestic violence. If these stories are triggering please contact 1800 RESPECT.**

Armie Hammer Docuseries Trailer Finally Released

Relatives and ex-partners of Armie Hammer are speaking out against the actor in a new docuseries titled, "House of Hammer."

The trailer shows two of Armie Hammer's exes and one relative coming forward and sharing their stories about the controversial man and alleged abuser.

Ex girlfriend Julia Morrison says she constantly received disturbing messages from Armie Hammer including one saying he wanted to "tie her up in a public place at night and making her body free use."

Another ex partner name Coutrney Vucekovich says she recieved texts from the actor, claiming he was "100% a cannibal."

The series is set to also look at the "dark twisted secrets" of the Hammer family.

According to series' synopsis, 'House of Hammer' will showcase a "dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild."

House of Hammer premieres Friday, September 2nd on discovery+


Brisbane Woman And Son Allegedly Killed By Woman's Partner

A 47 year old Brisbane mother and her 20 year old son have been murdered in Brisbane.

Jifeng ‘Eileen’ Liu and her son Wenhao Du, were killed in their Stretton home this week.

Eileen's partner, Weifeng Huang, has been arrested and charged with both murders.

Jifeng ‘Eileen’ Liu. Source: Queensland Police

He is currently being treated for injuries and remains in hospital under police guard.

“The scene was confronting, it has been described as a frenzied attack on the two deceased persons,” says Detective Superintendent Andrew Massingham, "we also believe that one of the victims may have had phone contact with a number of friends and family just prior to the [alleged] homicides occurring."


Police Use Facebook To Prosecute A Teen Girl For Having An Abortion

A teenager name Celeste Burgess is facing criminal charges after allegedly seeking an abortion in Nebraska, where abortions are illegal after 20 weeks gestation.

According to reports, the investigation began when police received a tip from a woman who described herself as a friend of Celeste.

She claimed she saw Celeste take a pill that she believed was an abortion pill.

Later in the investigation, Facebook gave Nebraska police access to the girl's private messages which showed her having conversations about the procedure with her mother, Jessica Burgess.

This is the first time a person's Facebook activity has been used to incriminate someone for seeking an abortion.

With Celeste recently turning 18 years old, she will now be tried as an adult, along with her mother.

Representatives from the 'Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights' group says this is one of the many reasons why "legal abortion matters."

"To fall silent now is to let acquiesce to a growing pile-up of the shattered lives of women and girls," the group said in a recent statement on social media, "it is to acquiesce to the growing theocratic assault on contraception, LGBTQ rights, on the history and lives of Black people and much more."



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