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The Daily Recap - Monday 15th August 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

Psychology Magazine Blames Women's High Standards For The Rise Of Lonely Single Men

According to an article written for Psychology Today, "dating opportunities for heterosexual men are diminishing as healthy relationship standards increase."

Board-certified couple and family psychologist Greg Matos found that men are now "more likely than women to be unpartnered, which wasn’t the case 30 years ago."

"With so many options, it’s not surprising that women are increasingly selective," says Matos.

However, according to Matos, men are "typically happier and healthier when partnered" as romantic relationships can be "healing" and "disrupt generational trauma."

He claims there is a "relationship skills gap" as the "dating theme" nowadays seems to be that women, "prefer men who are emotionally available, good communicators, and share similar values."

The article states men should address their "skills deficit" so they can attain a partner, however, why must men only adopt these skills if they're looking for a partner?

Why aren't men happy being single?

Why must they have a girlfriend?

Since publication the article has been shared on feminist platforms such as 'MFW' and 'Womens Right News.'

Many having criticised the article for blaming women for simply expecting the bare minimum in relationships.

"Won’t somebody - anybody - please, please get women back on the dating apps, since clearly those pesky single women with their unencumbered lives are badly letting the side down by refusing to date and mate with men who think a vacuum cleaner is nothing but something to trip over, a toilet brush magically scrubs the loo itself, groceries appear in the cupboard courtesy of the supermarket fairy, and foreplay is saying "honey, brace yourself”" wrote a member of MFW, "won’t SOMEBODY please do something for all the poor, hard-done-by and long-suffering men?"


70,000 People Sign Petition Asking For New Zealand To Change Its Name

There is renewed push for New Zealand to adopt the te reo Māori (Māori langauge) name and have the land be called Aotearoa.

A petition calling for the country to change its name has recently submitted to the nation's parliament for consideration.

It also calls on the government to officially restore the original te reo Māori names for all towns, cities and places right across the country by 2026.

Co-leader of the Māori party, Rawiri Waititi. Source: NZ Herald

The petition was launched by members of the Māori party, they say adopting the name 'Aotearoa' will "unify the country."

"Others are trying to use it is a divisive tool, but this is an inclusive tool, where our ancestors consented to us all living on this whenua [land] together," says Te Pāti Māori leader Rawiri Waititi, "New Zealand is a Dutch name - even the Dutch have changed their name – from Holland to the Netherlands, for Christ’s sakes!"


Grace Tame Receives Letter From Government Confirming They Will Review Sexual Assault And Consent Laws

Over the weekend, activist Grame Tame took to social media and shared a significant letter sent to her by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.

In the letter the Attorney-General confirms the Federal and State Governments' have created an action plan to tackle issues relating to family, domestic and sexual violence in Australia.

He states the five-year plan would focus on strengthening legal frameworks, building justice sector capability and supporting greater research and collaboration.

"My department and the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) are conducting a national review and comparative analysis of sexual assault and child abuse legislation in Australia," the Attorney-General states in the letter, "the review will identify the impact of any substantive inconsistencies between legal frameworks, any gaps in criminalised conduct, and explore best practice approaches."

This letter is a huge win for Grame Tame and The Grame Tame Foundation.

"This is a very special letter - it is the result of survivors and advocates working tirelessly over many years," says Tame, "thank you, Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus, for taking the issue of sexual abuse seriously at a national level."



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