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The Daily Recap: Monday 20th June 2022

You daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

Monday 20th June 2022

Reality Stars Jimmy Nicholson And Holly Kingston Have Issued A Statement Addressing The Backlash They Received After Shaming OnlyFans

Last week The Bachelor couple, Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston, made problematic comments about OnlyFans and sex work.

The pair received backlash after mocking reality stars that "sell nudes on OnlyFans," - they said people on OnlyFans should instead consider "starting a charity" and being a "role models for the future generations."

As you can imagine many were quite offended by these comments.

Over the weekend Jimmy and Holly issued a statement addressing the backlash.

According to the statement, Jimmy and Holly "have no issue with someone who freely and legally works in the sex industry," however they "don't believe it is the best way to promote male/female empowerment to young people."

The pair say they've been subjected to "abusive messages, character assassinations. cancellation attempts, death threats and gross invasion of the basic human right to feel safe in our home."

"It's a shame that social media sometimes doesn't produce an environment that is conducive to open and informed debate," says Jimmy and Holly, "we won't be bullied into submission, we will continue to stand up for issues we believe in."


Bluey Introduces First Auslan Signing Character

The beloved Aussie cartoon, Bluey, is being praised by fans for bringing the character Dougie to the show.

Dougie is a profoundly deaf cavoodle that uses Auslan to communicate with his hearing mum.

The creators of Bluey, Ludo Studio, worked with consultants at Deaf Connect to authentically create a character that uses Auslan to communicate with others.

The Emmy award-winning series is known for exploring taboo topics including pregnancy loss, the mental load and attention deficit issues.


Drivers in the UK Are Being Fined For Catcalling

For the past 6 months, police in Bradford have been fining motorists for catcalling.

Thanks to the Bradford Council and their latest initiative to combat street harassment, drivers are prohibited from acting in a way that causes "alarm, harassment or danger," including catcalling.

Drivers seen disobeying the newly implemented 'Public Space Protection Order' can be fined $100.

21 people have been fined since the launch of the landmark initiative.

The initiative was introduced after University of Bradford students called out the ongoing catcalling and street harassment in the city. Source: University of Bradford

"Women should be able to walk the streets without inappropriate comments being made by men and what I also find is that this inappropriate behaviour can sometimes be a catalyst for other serious offences against women," says Detective Superintendent for Bradford District Polic, Tanya Wilkins, "this is not just a Bradford thing - this is a national problem."

Detective Wilkins hopes this groundbreaking initiative will spread nationwide.

"My aim is that other forces will look at what we’re doing as we are leading the way," she says, "and I want other forces to share our knowledge so that hopefully this can have this country-wide, which will increase public confidence and raise awareness to men that this is inappropriate behaviour and it will be dealt with."



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