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The Daily Recap: Tuesday 21st June 2022

Your daily dose of news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.

Tuesday 21st June 2022

Women Rally Outside Amy Coney Barrett's Home In Protest of Her Anti-Abortion Beliefs

Pro choice activists have gathered outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett's home, while donning fake-blood-stained clothes and holding baby dolls.

Supreme Court Justice Barrett is fiercely against abortions and is expected to vote for Roe vs Wade to be overturned.

The 'Rise Up 4 Abortion' group has protested across America, including in D.C outside the Supreme Court.

The activists hope their protests will "expose the barbarity' when "forcing women to have children against their will."

"The highest court in the world’s most powerful country stands poised to rip from women their fundamental right to control their bodies, their reproduction, and their destinies," as stated by the pro-choice group, "we refuse to be bystanders as the state shatters women’s lives - those behind this assault are counting on our silence, we must not give it to them."

According to a leaked draft, the Supreme Court has voted to overturn the landmark ruling of Roe vs Wade.

If this ruling is true, millions of people across America will no longer have bodily autonomy and no longer be able to access abortions.

If overturned, ‘trigger laws’ will go into effect and abortions will be banned in Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Reports indicate the landmark decision will be made as soon as this week.


Priya Nadesalingam Calls for Detention Centre Closures

This week Priya Nadesalingam spoke with SBS Tamil about her stance on Australia’s detention system.

The mother of two was in detention for four years with her husband Nades, and their two young daughters, Kopika and Tharnicaa.

“Please no more life in detention, it is not suitable for any human being,” says Priya, "I went into detention as a healthy person and have come out as an unhealthy mother."

While the family may now be home in Biloela, they’re still waiting to be granted more permanent visas.


World Swimming Ban Transgender Athletes From Competing In Women's Events

Swimming’s world governing body, FINA, has banned trans women from participating in elite women’s competitions.

Under FINA's policy, trans women can only participate if they completed their transition by age 12 or Tanner Stage 2, which is a stage of puberty that marks the beginning of physical development.

The rules will apply for all FINA sanctioned events, including the Olympics and world championships.

The ruling is expected to kick in as early as next week.



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