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The Daily Recap: Monday 27th June 2022

Your daily dose of (GOOD) news stories in the world of intersectional feminism.


Monday 27th June 2022

Lizzo Gatecrashes Drag Show And Lip Syncs For Her Life

The legendary Lizzo made a surprise appearance at the 'Night of a 1000 Lizzos' tribute show in West Hollywood.

The beloved RuPaul's Drag Race queen Miss Kornbread introduced Lizzo to the stage as her drag race persona, 'Amazonia Prime.'

During her drag debut, Lizzo performed her hit songs 'It's About Damn Time' and 'Cuz I Love You.'

She even debuted her yet-to-be-released gay anthem 'Everybody's Gay.'

Lizzo says the song is about "living your best life, turning up, and dancing and just having some fucking fun."

During the show Lizzo also spoke about her recent struggles with mental health and how the LGBTQIA+ community helped give her strength.

"I've been feeling so down, so depressed, and so stressed lately, I feel so much hate from the world sometimes," she told the audience, "but, to come into this place and feel love from the LGBTQIA+ community - by the way, since day mother-fucking one, we've been walking together, it means so, so much to me."

Lizzo's highly anticipated album 'Special' will be released on July 15.


Breastfeeding Army Officer Portrait Wins The Napier Waller Art Prize

Retired army major Anneke Jamieson has won the 2022 Napier Waller Art Prize with her portrait 'The Promotion.'

The mother of three says she was inspired by her own experiences as a mother and servicewoman.

'The Promotion' by Anneke Jamieson. Source: Australian War Memorial

According to Anneke's artist statement the portrait is dedicated to all mothers that serve in the armed forces.

“The mother in me could never make peace with the officer I wanted to be. While pregnant with our first child I planned my return from maternity leave blind to the person I would become when promoted to mother. I’ve always admired the leaders I’ve served with – they give so much of themselves for their people. When our second and third children arrived, it was evident I couldn’t be both the officer I wanted to be and the mother I needed to be. I had incredible support from my husband and Army but it didn’t change my capacity to give of myself. Nor did watching friends manage the conflict with grace and determination. My choice was difficult but obvious and, in the end, empowering.

Napier Waller Art Prize 2022 winner Anneke Jamieson and her portrait 'The Promotion.' Source: David Whittaker

But she is not me. She is the woman whose career came first. She has dedicated herself to her soldiers and her service and achieved so much. Yet now, as a new mother, she has returned from maternity leave changed in ways she never imagined; this promotion might be her greatest challenge yet.
“I dedicate her to the mothers that serve; to their sacrifices and conflicted hearts and to the families who support them.”

The Napier Waller Art Prize is open to all current and former Australian Defence Force personnel.

Anneke will receive a $10,000 cash prize and the portrait will be added into the Australian War Memorial's National Collection.


Hawaii Has ZERO Girls Locked Up in Juvenile Detention

For the first time in the history of Hawaii's prison system, there are no girls in juvenile detention.

According to The State Commission on Status of Women (HSCSW), the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility in Kailua has been vacant for weeks.

"This is no fluke or accident," as stated by the HSCSW, "the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility has been empty for weeks after years of work to replace handcuffs with healing."

Eight years ago, Hawaii signed the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill (Act 201) to address its high child incarceration numbers.⁣

The Bill prioritised mental health funding and substance abuse treatments.

Community based programs such as trauma-informed training, restorative therapies and transitional services were also implemented for those exiting juvenile facilities.

Two years after Hawaii implemented the Juvenile Justice Reform Bill, 28% less youths were being charged in court for new law violations.

Probation admissions also decreased by 50%.


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