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Disabled Woman Was Left Stranded On A Plane For Over 90 Minutes

British woman, Victoria Brignell, was left on board a British Airways flight for more than an hour and a half after it had landed at Gatwick Airport.

She was told airport staff would help her off the plane and get her to her wheelchair.

"I can't use my arms or legs," she says, "to get off a plane I need two people to lift me from the airplane seat into an aisle chair, which is a specially-designed narrow wheelchair to push me along the aisle off the plane, and lift me into my wheelchair waiting outside."

She says British Airways staff ended up helping her and were very apologetic for the absence of the Gatwick Airport staff.

"My wheelchair arrived promptly, but the people who were supposed to help me get off the plane didn't turn up - they were busy elsewhere," says Victoria, "I booked the help three months in advance, it wasn't as if I just turned up, they knew I was coming, and I reminded them two weeks ago, and still I didn't get the service that I should expect to have."

Victoria says she received an apology from Gatwick Airport via Twitter, but she plans to submit an official complaint to the airport.

"I just feel in 2022 people shouldn't be stuck on a plane for that long," she says, "UK airports need to get their act together and plan their staffing appropriately."



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