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Our Fave Fashion Accounts That'll Give You That Much Needed Dopamine Hit

Over the past year I've begun to enjoy colour again.

Prior to this I thought the only cool way to dress was to wear beige and strive for that 'clean girl aesthetic.'

I know for some people they may enjoy this way of dressing, but for me it just felt too constrictive - it didn't bring me joy.

Once I tried dopamine dressing and I started to wear bright, vibrant clothes I felt like I could actually have fun with fashion again.

As best described in Byrdie, "dopamine dressing is dressing to boost your mood - by wearing a certain colour, texture, or style, we can activate the release of dopamine, the feel-good chemical our bodies make."

So over the past year I've started to follow the queens of dopamine dressing on TikTok and Instagram.

So whenever I'm in need of some fashion inspiration, a boost of self-confidence or even just need a sprinkle of joy in my day - these fabulous fashionistas never let me down.


Sara Camposarcone - @saracampz

Bringing sustainability and maximalist fashion to the forefront.

Elizabeth Sweetheart - @greenladyofbrooklyn

From her house to her wardrobe, everything is green for 74 year old Elizabeth Sweetheart. No wonder people call her the 'Green Lady Of Brooklyn.'

Courtney Quinn - @colormecourtney

All things Disney and colourful fashion to brighten your day.

Advanced Style - @advancedstyleofficial

A deep dive into the lives of vibrant street fashion amongst seniors.

Victoria Zozimo - @v.zozimo

It's giving pastel realness, and we love to see it!

Aliyah's Interlude - @aliyahsinterlude

Of course Aliyah had to be on this list - I mean she not only gave us the hit song 'IT GIRL' but of course dressed the world with #ALIYAHCORE.

Melanie Dale  - @letsgetlayered

Australia's brightest and most colourful fashionista.

Chelsea H - @chelseaasoflate

According to Chelsea, life is too short for boring clothes. life’s too short for boring clothes

Vlada Avornic - @vlada.avornic

The go-to colourful girl in Belgium.


Header Image: Instagram


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