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Iranian Athlete Elnaz Rekabi Set To Be Imprisoned

According to the news outlet IranWire, Elnaz Rekabi will be imprisoned in Iran after competing at the Asian Climbing Competition finals in South Korea without wearing a hijab.

Iran has strict clothing regulations for women and for decades the country has forced women to wear hijabs and modest clothing.

Reports claim Rekabi has handed over her passport and mobile phone after violating Iran's laws.

According to sources at the IranWire, Reza Zarei, the head of Iran's Climbing Federation, promised Rekabi that if she handed over her passport and mobile phone, he would help her get back to Iran safely.

However instead he allegedly convinced Rekabi to surrender herself to the Iranian Embassy.

A source told IranWire that Rekabi would’ve had no way to escape if she went to the embassy.

"We know what the embassies of the Islamic Republic do," said the source, "they will take her directly to the airport and return her to Iran."

According to the BBC, loved ones haven’t been able to contact Rokabi since Sunday.

Only recently Rokabi posted on social media claiming her "head covering inadvertently came off" during the sporting event.

"I apologise about what I did to make you worry," she said.

However, according to an IranWire source, Rokabi always planned to compete at the competition without a hijab.

"Rokabi made her decision to appear without a hijab around a month ago and knew that she was going to compete without the mandatory hijab," a source told IranWire. "she always makes such bold decisions."

Once Rokabi arrives at the Imam Khomeini international airport in Tehran, she will immediately be transferred to Evin Prison.

The facility has long history of allegedly abusing inmates.

Just this week eight inmates were killed when a fire broke out in the prison.

The Iranian Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, "strongly denies all fake news, lies and false information" regarding Rokabi and her alleged imprisonment.



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