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A Brisbane Company Is Supplying Deadly Weapon Adaptors To Israel

Brisbane-based weapons manufacturing company, Ferra Engineering, has been called out for creating weapon adaptors for the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

Ferra manufactures essential parts for Lockheed Martin's F35 bombers, which are currently being used by Israel against Palestinian civilians.

This week a group of protesters stormed the Ferra workshop to stand in solidarity with Palestine and call for an end to the Israeli occupation.

"Ferra’s manufacturing of these bomb parts violates the Arms Trade Treaty, which was ratified by Australia in 2014," as stated by the Ferra protesters (who choose to remain anonymous), "the Treaty was designed to stop deadly weapons from getting into the hands of people who will use them to commit human rights violations, including genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes."

For over three months, protesters across Australia have disrupted shipping routes and companies that facilitate supplies to Israel.

Just this week Pro Palestine protesters in Melbourne enforced a blockade on ZIM shipping containers entering and exiting the ports.

This comes after ZIM chief executive Eli Glickman said the company would be "positioning its ships and infrastructure" to aid Israel's defence ministry.

"Facilitate the Israeli regime are in our own backyards," as stated by the Ferra protesters, "ordinary citizens can interrupt this war machinery."


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