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13 Of Our Fave Movies and TV Shows To Watch This Galentine's Day

Thanks to Leslie Knope, February 13th has become a day of celebration for women and their best girlfriends.

The unofficial holiday, known as Galentine's Day, is all about female empowerment, camaraderie and appreciating the women in your life.

As Leslie Knope rightfully puts it, Galentine's Day is the "best day of the year."

So what better way to celebrate Galentine's Day than with a marathon of TV shows and movies that showcase the power of female friendship.


Grace And Frankie

As a viewer it's such a joy, and honestly a blessing, to see real life besties Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin on screen together. They play the dynamic duo Grace and Frankie who at first don't always see eye to eye, but after they discover their husbands are having an affair, they are forced to push past their differences and become each-other's biggest supporters.

Available now on Netflix.

Parks And Recreation

Of course we had to include Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins -their friendship in 'Parks And Recreation' is not only heartwarming but accurate AF to true life BFFs. I mean who hasn't called their friend a "poetic noble land-mermaid" after just calling them a butthead.

Available now on Stan.

Never Have I Ever

I know most people were obsessed with the love triangle in this series, but I was more invested in Devi's friendship group. The show does a great job at showing the importance of loyalty and how to best navigate conflicts with your besties.

Available now on Netflix.

Turning Red

Like the characters in the film, my friends and I were OBSESSED with boybands back in our preteen years (hello One Direction). And yes we too would scream every time we saw their faces on TV and debate who would date each band member. So if you're in need of some nostalgia and wholesome joy in your life - this movie is for you!

Available now on Disney Plus.

Thelma & Louise

It would be a crime to not include 'Thelma & Louise' in this list.

Available now on Prime Video.

First Wives Club

'First Wives Club' is such a beloved classic for a reason. Star studded cast - CHECK. Iconic musical number - CHECK. Explores sexism and the pressures put on women to get married and look young - CHECK.

Available now on Stan.

The Sex Lives of College Girls

Two words - Reneé Rapp.

Available now on Binge.

Golden Girls

The 'Golden Girls' was truly ahead of its time. It's revolutionary to think there was a TV show in the 1980s that explored the dating lives of women above the age of 50.

Available now on Disney Plus.

The Bold Type

This show brought me so much joy in my early twenties. It explores so many important issues like sexuality, privilege, politics and so much more. The friendship between Jane, Kat and Sutton is just so beautiful.

Available now on Stan.

Joy Ride

If you're in need of good chuckle, do be sure to check out 'Joy Ride.' It's chaotic, camp and beyond stupid - it's fab!

Available now on Prime Video.

Someone Great

Remember when your bestie broke up with their partner? Remember how quickly you were by their side? Remember how you did absolutely everything and anything to support them? This is that situation but as a movie. 'Someone Great' is the ultimate break-up movie that'll leave you laughing, crying and feeling all the feels.

Available now on Netflix.


WARNING to all who watch this - bring tissues, lots and lots of tissues.

Available now on Disney Plus.

Girls Trip

Anything with Tiffany Haddish I AM HERE.

Available now on Netflix.



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