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Alleged Sex Offender George Pell Now Has A Column in 'The Australian'

**TW: This story discusses child sexual abuse.**

Three years ago Cardinal George Pell was convicted of child sexual assault; now he's writing a column in one of Australia's most popular newspapers.

Pell was found guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys in the late 1990s, however, after only spending 13 months in prison his convictions were quashed by the High Court.

Now the accused rapist is apparently writing for 'The Australian.'

Over the weekend Pell wrote a column about the importance of "sustaining liberal ideals."

He described himself as a "grumpy old male" that's "sentimental" for a "simpler, vanished past."

Pell also said "there is no obligatory Catholic position on climate change."

"We are a religion, teaching faith and morals, and do not impose any scientific straitjacket," he wrote, "my main concerns are elsewhere; with the Catholic Church and the rise of belligerent China."

Activist and former Australian of the Year Grace Tame called out 'The Australian' for promoting a "well-known alleged pedophile" and giving him a platform.

"Make George Pell a columnist, and play on the word ‘assault’ in the subheading," says Tame, "as if platforming the propaganda of well-known alleged pedophile priest isn’t sinister enough."



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