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Woman's Kitten Allegedly Stolen By Airtasker Contractor

Queensland woman Mairen had to buy back her kitten after it was allegedly taken by an Airtasker contractor.

Over the weekend Mairen hired a man name Jordan Mitchel to put on a kennel roof.

When he arrived at the property with his partner Gina Gabolinscy, Mairen had suspicions something was up.

"I got bad vibes off them in the beginning as he [Jordan] didn't really look like his profile pic but wasn't sure if I was being paranoid so I actually lied and told them I wasn't the owner of the house in case of an argument and didn't want them to know where I lived," says Mairen, "Jordan arrived late to begin with and he arrived with his partner, he did a poor job doing the kennel roof and took materials from next door's construction site."

She says he was "quite aggressive" and often "used vulgar language."

"I actually reported him for DV [domestic violence] because of the way he was talking to his partner, telling her not to fucking touch things and so on," she told Kaleidoscope News, "he would get really aggressive out of frustration too and kept yelling at neighbours dogs - I basically texted him saying I had a complaint about his use of language and then he sent a saga of abusive messages."

By the time Jordan was finished, Mairen realised he didn't finish the job and told him he'll be reported to Airtasker for unfinished work.

"I paid for a total of 12 panels and he only put up seven," she says, "I refused to give him the $300 [for labor] and he sent numerous threats."

On the Airtasker app Jordan messaged Mairen, "you wanna start throwing threats like that it'll be the last ****thing you think of doing."

However, things took an even darker turn when Mairen noticed her cat was missing.

Mairen had to buy back her kitten after it was allegedly taken by an Airtasker contractor. Source: Instagram

"After they left I noticed my kitten was missing, after looking for him all night and day I came to my last resort and messaged Jordan on a number he didn't know pretending to be interested in buying a kitten with the excuse of getting his number by accident by mistyping a different number," says Mairen, "they replied back saying they in fact did have a kitten and then sent me photos of MY Burmese kitten Mochi."

Mairen had her friend "buy" back the kitten for a staggering $700.

"The house reeked of weed and they had quite a small house full of other pets," says Mairen, "thankfully it all went smoothly and Mochi seems fine besides having a few fleas and being a bit stressed and smelling of weed."

Thankfully the kitten is home safe. Source: Instagram

Mairen hopes her story will encourage others to stand up for themselves.

"I do hope that this story encourages women and non-binary folk to stick up for themselves," she told Kaleidoscope News, "but if you don’t feel safe doing so then report it after!"

Jordan has been reported to police and Mairen says she will be pressing charges.



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