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Knox Grammar School Students Exposed for Anti-Semitic, Sexist, Homophobic, Violent Group Chat

**This story contains disturbing messages that be triggering.**

A group of students at Sydney’s most prestigious all boys school are being reported to police after their dangerous Discord group chat was made public.

The chat room titled ‘Gang Gang’ involves current and former students from Knox Grammar School.

The group chat reportedly contained videos of boys being beaten, young men being raped, and comments about raping children and wishing to become pedophiles.

A sample of some of the viles messages in the Discord group chat. Source:

There are also a number of anti-Semitic and racist references in the vile messages, including “Hitler is always stay in my heart.”

“I hate fems, I hate gays, jews, people who don’t play fortnite, furries, n**ers, I love titties, feet, abortion, rape, drugs.” - one of the messages in the group chat read.

The elite private school has long history of scandals. Source: ABC

Several Knox Grammar School students have either been suspended or expelled after the group messages were reviewed by specialist detectives.

This isn’t the first time the all boys school has been involved in such a vile scandal.

In 2009, five Knox Grammar teachers were charged with historical sex abuse crimes,

And in 2015 the child sex abuse royal commission accused the school of covering up more than three decades of abuse.



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