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Mocking Women For Their Looks & Sex Lives Is Never Okay

In unsurprising news, the 'Kyle and Jackie O' show were problematic this week (shocking!).

But in all honesty they stooped to a whole new low in sexism and misogyny.

During an interview with Married At First Sight contestants Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco, Kyle Sandilands asked if they had seen, "Olivia jerking off a mushroom dick?"

He then surprised his guests with a sexually explicit video of Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie from Married At First Sight.

This video was allegedly taken from the couple's OnlyFans’ accounts.

Despite the video being behind a paywall, Kyle claims he did not pay for it and that it was sent in.

This stunt orchestrated by Kyle and the producers at KIIS 1065 was disgusting and incredibly inappropriate.

Not to mention, I assume sharing a video that’s behind a paywall would definitely have legal ramifications.

And of course, the sexism and misogyny continues on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Earlier this week, the show’s producer Bruno spoke about the women at 'Shameless' and 'Outspoken.'

Kyle and Jackie O laughed along as Bruno mocked the podcasters and their highly successful shows.

He said he could appear on the Shameless podcast if he "played the mental health card."

Jackie O then suggested he could say he forgot to "take his tablets."

Bruno then continued his misogynist speech by mocking the Outspoken podcast.

Not only did he make fun of their podcast slogan but also the hosts’ looks.

"I’m sorry to the hot girls at Shameless and the ugly girls from Outspoken," he said, "better watch yourselves because when the big dog comes barking."

So why exactly is a grown man mocking this group of highly successful women?

Because the team at Outspoken made a chocolate hierarchy list, and somehow this man-baby thought they stole his idea for food hierarchy lists (despite the fact these novelty lists have existed on the internet for years).

So why was Shameless involved?

Because apparently he mistook Outspoken for Shameless, and he thought objectifying and ridiculing the highly successful female led podcasts would be the perfect way to ‘apologise’ for his mistake.

Honestly, how does a show like ‘Kyle and Jackie O’ still exist?



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