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Controversy Arises When Woman Adds ‘Sex Work’ To Her LinkedIn Profile As Work Experience

LinkedIn has somehow become the new playground for misogynists - this time the anger seems to be directed at branding advisor and creative director Arielle Egozi (she/they).

This week they updated their LinkedIn resume to include "sex work" in their work history.

She put it on her profile so future clients can "celebrate and accept every experience" she brings with upcoming projects.

Arielle is a brand advisor and creative consultant that only works "with brands that give a shit." Source: LinkedIn

She says her sex work history is no different "than any other client work."

"They don’t have to understand it, but they better respect the hell out of it," they say.

However, sadly Arielle's resume update has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The post has gained worldwide attention and received thousands of comments, particularly from cranky men who aren't too pleased with Arielle's work history.

"I am all for women’s rights, equality, personal choice and bodily autonomy but I found this post to somewhat tone deaf, self-absorbed and disingenuous due to this ridiculous portrayal of prostitution as somehow liberating and empowering for a woman," said a LinkedIn user.

"This is a very dangerous game you are playing," wrote another reader, "Sure you may have clients who are nice but people lie. At any moment a person wishes to harm you they can. Be mindful ma'am. I just want you to think more about the outcome, than the current situation. You get money, but is it worth looking in the mirror and crying in the shower when you still feel unfulfilled trying to fill a void?"

Another added: "I have watched the trend of over-sharing and posting highly personal matter and NEVER commented. This my friends, has crossed the line. This is not what LinkedIn is intended for."

Arielle does not regret writing the LinkedIn post update.

She says she didn’t make the post to "inspire others," "be radical" or "make people upset;" but to simply "make space" for herself.

"My intention here was to bring all my pieces into the room," they say, "to hold myself accountable in celebration of the choices I’ve made, the decisions that make me who I am and make my work what it is."



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