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New Zealand TV Presenter Goes On Fatphobic Rant

Media personality Louise Wallace has been heavily criticised for making highly offensive fatphobic comments on the New Zealand breakfast program, "The AM Show."

The former The Real Housewives of Auckland star claimed it's unhealthy for overweight bodies to be "normalised" in the media.

She says overweight people should just tape over their "mouths with gaffer tape."

Since receiving nationwide backlash, Louise has spoken about her controversial comments.

She’s not sorry and believes what she said was okay because she was just speaking her truth.

"I was asked my opinion about our appalling stats on obesity and I gave it," she says, "I could have lied and said that they were just something we have to live with in the 21st century or I could say how I really felt - I chose to do the latter."


In unsurprising news I have MANY MANY MANY thoughts about this woman.

Firstly, can we please stop saying 'slim' or 'skinny' bodies are 'the normal.'

There’s no such thing as a normal body. Bodies come in all different shapes, sizes and colours.

As a size 24 woman, it’s incredibly ostracising to hear someone continually say my body isn’t 'normal' because I happen to have more fat/skin/rolls on my body.

Secondly, Louise I think you just hate fat people.

This is nothing to do with your concerns for our health.

Like many fatphobic people, you simply hate fat people because we don’t succumb to the world’s beauty standards of the 'ideal body.'

As a woman in the media (or really just a woman living in 2022), you’ve probably felt pressured to go on diets, have wrinkle free skin, stay relatively thin, dress for your age and exercise enough so you can keep your slim figure.

I think you’re just jealous of us, because to you we haven’t succumbed to society’s pressure to be 'thin.'

Of course that’s not saying plus size people don’t feel the pressures of today’s beauty standards (because trust me we do on a daily basis).

But to you we’re the true definition of zero fucks given.

We’re the true definition of being our true authentic selves and that threatens you.

Being fat isn’t the end of the world.

Being fat isn’t the worse thing a person can ever be.

Being fat IS NORMAL.



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