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You Have Less Than Three Days To Take Part In The World's Largest Period Survey

Did you know, not all hospitals in Australia stock period products for their patients?

Whether they're private or public, rural or city - there's no guarantee a hospital in Australia will have pads available to their patients.

That's why the charity Share The Dignity created the Bloody Big Survey - the world's largest period survey.

"In this survey we're really looking to change the landscape around period products being available in workplaces and hospitals," says Share The Dignity founder Rochelle Courtenay, "unless we have the data we can't play a political game which is advocating for menstrual equality."

In less than three months over 150,000 people have already responded to the survey.

So far more than 18% of respondents say they weren't able to access a pad in a hospital.

Rochelle says she's heard many devastating stories where women weren't able to access period products in the ICU, after a hysterectomy or even after a miscarriage.

"Be part of the legacy of what is now the biggest body of data on menstruation in the world," urges Rochelle, "we need to hear from everyone who has experienced menstruation so we can take that data to politicians and advocate for change here in Australia."

She says anyone that has experienced menstruation is welcome to participate in the survey.

She particularly encourages people in rural areas to take part in the survey as they are most affected by period poverty.

"This is the biggest body of data the world has ever seen," says Rochelle, "we want this survey to capture every woman every where so that we can really create change."

For more details on Share The Dignity's BIG BLOODY SURVEY click here.



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