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Rumour Has It We May Be Getting A Drag Version Of Big Brother On Netflix

Our beloved queen of drag, RuPaul, is allegedly partnering up with Netflix for a new TV series.

According to the RuPaul's Drag Race Family fan page, sources say a Drag Race version of Big Brother is set to be released on the popular streaming platform.

The series is said to be Netflix's first live show where fans can "watch the contestants 24/7, seven days a week with multi camera functionality."

It's also rumoured to be called RUPAUL'S BIG MOTHER and shall feature contestants from the Drag Race franchise.

"According to sources in the know a four week long drag version of the hit reality show BIG BROTHER is allegedly coming to the streaming channel fronted by none other than Rupaul herself," as stated on the fan page, "RUPAUL'S BIG MOTHER could see ten franchise favourite queens holed up together in a luxury house with 70 Cameras, 120 microphones and a whole host of dragtacular challenges."

Ten queens from RuPaul's Drag Race have already been linked to show including "Adore Delano, Ginger Minj, Kennedy Davenport, Alyssa Edwards, Katya, Manila Luzon, Thorgy Thor, Tammie Brown, Willam Belli and Heidi N Closet."

It's rumoured the cast will be competing for $150,000 and have to partake in weekly challenges including "makeovers, assault courses, endurance tests and lip syncing."

None of the queens have yet to comment on the rumoured series.

And Netflix have yet to release any statements relating to the show.

If all the rumours are true, we most certainly will be tuning in to this show!

I guess RuPaul was serious when she said she wanted to take over the world with drag - and honestly no complaints here!


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