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How Common Are Your Bedroom Sleeping Habits With Your Partner?

My partner and I have been dating for almost six years now, but for the majority of our relationship we've slept with separate blankets.

It's safe to say this sleeping method has been a lifesaver for us.

I'm a blanket hogger and in my sleep I will scrunch up the blanket and essentially spoon it.

Throughout the night I will contort the blanket and wrap it around me like a burrito.

My partner however will sleep under a blanket like it's buried him.

He'll barely move for the duration of the night and will have his fingers and toes under the blanket at all times.

See now how could we possibly share just ONE blanket?

We may be compatible dating wise, but our sleeping habits couldn't be more different.

So that's why we have two queen size blankets on our king size bed.

But whenever I tell people this they always look baffled and confused; and on the odd occasion even judgemental.

So this got me thinking - is there only one way we're meant to sleep with our partner?

Why is it so frowned upon for couples to sleep separately in say different blankets or even (god forbid) BEDROOMS?

Why are people so judgy of others' sleeping arrangements?

As always my beautiful followers were willing to help me with my conundrum - over 3,000 of them anonymously shared with me their bedroom routines.

Here’s what they had to say.



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