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Popular Aussie Influencer Skye Wheatley Says OnlyFans Creators "End Marriages"

With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, Skye Wheatley is among some of the most popular content creators in Australia.

In a recent video on Michael Finch's YouTube channel, the 27 year old said OnlyFans creators are ruining relationships and "ending marriages" because women discover their partners are "secretly" subscribed to pornographic content.

"I like to make my money by approving a product or loving a product organically and sharing it with my audience rather than fucking myself with a fucking dildo and making money off [it]," she says, "do you know how many girls that go through their boyfriend’s phone and see that they’re secretly subscribed to a girl’s OnlyFans? That’s the end of a fucking marriage right there. It’s actually ludicrous."

Skye Wheatley has since responded to the backlash and claims her conversation with Michael Finch was never meant to be made public.

"I'm so upset it's been posted online this was out of my control," she wrote in a now deleted Instagram comment, "I was having a conversation with a so called friend out of anger. Shocked it's been posted TBH. Trust no one."



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