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Terrance Flowers Beats Network Seven in Defamation Case

Nyamal man Terrance Flowers has won his defamation case against Network Seven.

Last year he was wrongly named Cleo Smith's abductor on Seven Network's news platforms.

His face and name was falsely identified as the man responsible for kidnapping a 4 year old girl which caused national outcry.

Both Terrance and Network Seven have reached a resolution and have settled on confidential terms.

Terrance says he is very happy with the settlement and is “looking forward to getting on with his life and enjoying time with his wife and baby son.”

“I’m happy that it’s all over and thank you for the support from the lawyers and all the elders and all the Aboriginal people out there,” he says, “thank you.”

The Seven Network has a long history of endangering marginalised communities.

Despite this case win we mustn’t forget their sexist and racist track record.

In the past 18 months Seven Network:

- Broadcasted a "tell-all interview" with Craig McLachlan after he was accused of assault and sexual harassment.

- Cast controversial British commentator Katie Hopkins for ‘Big Brother VIP’ despite knowing her history of racism.

- Wrote a racist headline about English soccer stars Marcus Rashford, Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

- Gave Sam Burgess a platform on ‘SAS Australia’ despite being accused of domestic violence.

- And cast Wayne Carey on 'The All New Monty: Guys and Gals' and this year’s ‘SAS Australia’ despite having a long history of violence against women.

So what happens next?

With Network Seven finally being made accountable for their actions, will we see a change in the company’s culture, values and journalism?

Is this the beginning of a Seven Network redemption story?

Or are we still years away from a cultural shift within the network?




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