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6 TikTok Creators That Always Brings Me Joy In This Horrendous World

The world of TikTok is such an interesting place - one minute you're watching dog grooming videos, the next you're watching someone rate pillow s by their squish-ability.

But the thing I love most about TikTok is that you never know what's around the corner.

You never know what's going to be your next obsession.

You never know what's going to bring you joy... or take you down a disturbing rabbit hole.


Kink History 101


It's people like Esme Louisee that make me appreciate TikTok and what it brings to people.

I mean I love talking about kink and I love talking about history, yet it never occurred to me that I could ever learn about KINK HISTORY!!!!

Who would've thought I would ever spend my days watching videos about the history of cum and how crocodile shit was once used as a form of contraception.

My high school sex ed teacher that slut shamed me for wearing a pink bra would be so proud!

The Many Shit Rentals of Melbourne and Sydney


If you're an Aussie and you haven't seen the brilliant work of Jordie van den Berg - what are you doing with your life? Are you even on the internet?

Jordie's commentary on the craptastic housing market of Australia is EVERYTHING!

Will his videos make you feel optimistic about buying a house in the near future? No.

But will they make you laugh with tears of joy rather than tears of deep sadness? Why, yes - for a moment anyway.

Pastel Princess Vibes To The Max


April is my go-to fashion inspiration.

She is the definition of cottage-core vibes meets fairy princess meets Bridgerton - I would do anything for her wardrobe and sense of style!

As a plus size woman I've always struggled with establishing a sense of style.

But thanks to accounts like April's I've become more confident in playing with patterns, textures and colours.

365 Day Journey To Trying New Things


This is such a beautiful account - it'll make you feel all the feels and help you take on the world.

TikToker Angel wanted to take back her life after dealing with depression and experiencing thoughts of self-harm.

So she went on a 365 day journey to become the woman she's always wanted to be.

From riding a hot air-balloon to skydiving to cold plunging in the Atlantic Ocean - Angel is stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing life.

When I have my down days where I struggle to shower or even get out of bed, it's videos like these that help me and give me hope.

Daily Reminder To Take My Birth Control


To all my fellow childfree friends out there, this page is for you.

TikToker Yuni has an ever-growing list on her Notes app called "Reasons To Have A Child Burst Through Her Vagina."

And unsurprisingly the cons overtake the pros.

Until now I was unaware childbirth can lead to a dislocated tail bone, ovarian cysts and a ripped asshole - yeah these definitely seem like cons to me.

So next time your nan, your in-law or that random person on the internet bugs you about your childfree lifestyle, use Yuni's list to scare them off.

Makeup Tutorials That Don't Make Me Feel Like A Dumbass


I feel like I'm the last person on the planet to discover Mikayla Nogueira.

I'm not a makeup person, in fact I barely know how to shape my brows without turning them into hairy slugs.

But somehow Mikayla's videos actually interest me - she doesn't talk down to you, she's educational and she really knows her stuff.

Her latest two part series on 'Eyeshadow For Dummies' changed my life!

If you're one that enjoys the aesthetics of makeup but just can't seem to understand it I highly recommend checking out Mikayla's page.



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