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White Ribbon Australia Wanted To Sell 'Wife Beater' Singlets To Raise Funds

A senior representative from White Ribbon Australia wanted the domestic violence charity to sell "wife beater" singlets.

The staffer suggested selling the merchandise for $1,000 and including a QR code on the item that would direct users to a domestic violence awareness website.

The highly problematic idea was canned after being deemed "too radical."

These white sleeveless tanks have been labelled the classist, sexist slur for decades. Source: Provided

Only last week White Ribbon Australia found themselves in yet another scandal.

The controversial charity came under fire for launching a social media campaign where people could donate funds to educate men about violence prevention.

The campaign's layout was eerily similar to charities that call on people to sponsor a child for just a dollar a day.

White Ribbon National Director Allan Ball said people "misunderstood" the message behind the social media campaign.

The campaign posts were later removed from social media.



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