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Woman Goes Viral on TikTok For Proposing To Boyfriend

It's 2022 yet the world still can't seem to comprehend the idea that women can propose to their male partners.

Melbourne woman Jaime Magri went viral on TikTok after she filmed herself proposing to her boyfriend.

During a 'paint and sip' date, the 24 year old surprised her partner with a painting that said the magic words 'will you marry me?'

The beautiful moment was filmed and put on TikTok, reaching over 700,000 views.

Like many I was in awe of the proposal and may have shed a tear or two.

However, it would seem others in the comments section did not pass the vibe check.

I won't bother repeating the sexist remarks made towards this beautiful couple and the beautiful proposal.

But I do want to say this... lets normalise women proposing to their boyfriends.

As stated in Brides magazine earlier this year, attitudes toward women proposing are shifting.

"Gone are the days when a woman needed to wait around to be picked by a man to no longer place a burden on her family—so why are we still waiting to do the asking?" says Brides magazine journalist Lea Rose Emery, "attitudes are changing, and it’s time for actions to change with them."

So why do so many women still WAIT for their partner to propose?

Will women proposing to their boyfriends finally become normalised?

If our attitudes towards marriage and dating have changed, why aren't more women proposing to their boyfriends?



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