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28 Fun Facts About Our Latest Obsession - Chappell Roan

It's safe to say Chappell Roan is fast becoming the next gay pop icon.

In recent weeks she performed at Coachella, NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series and made her debut on the Billboard Hot 100 with her new track, 'Good Luck Babe.'

Her drag inspired aesthetic oozes camp, along with her witty lyrics and glittery pop music.

Chappell Roan is the epitome of queer joy and I AM PROPER OBSESSED with her.

And as always when I find myself liking something new - I fixate, I go down a deep deep deep rabbit hole.

So based on my hours upon hours of deep diving, here is everything you need to know about the glitter filled popstar Chappell Roan.


  • Her name is actually Kayleigh Amstutz. Her stage name, Chappell Roan, was inspired by her grandfather, Dennis Chappell, and his favourite song, 'The Strawberry Roan' by Marty Robbins.

  • Chappell is from a small Missouri town called Willard.

  • She was raised Christian but doesn't "identify with the Christian Church anymore."

  • When Chappell was younger she sprained her neck after "whipping her hair back and forth" and had to wear a neck brace.

  • In third grade Chappell told her 'Holy Christian Counsellor' that she heard the devil say her name in the school hallways just so she could play with sand in the counsellor's office.

  • She got discovered on YouTube as a teen and by 17 was signed to Atlantic Records. However in 2020 she was dropped from her album when her single, 'Pink Pony Club,' wasn't an instant success and had to move back home with her parents.

  • Used to work at a doughnut shop and coffee shop drive thru. She says she'd often take nudes in the work bathroom.

  • She's been diagnosed with bipolar.

  • Describes herself as "very introverted" and says she loves to be alone.

  • Chappell Roan may now be known for her bright, fun, camp outfits but her aesthetic actually used to be very "witchy, dark, serious and emo." At the time her music reflected this aesthetic. "I don’t identify with my early music anymore, I was just a different person," she told Pop Buzz, "I had depression, I was heartbroken over a boy."

  • Chappell busted her lip after dropping her phone on her face. It happened at her birthday party / release party for 'Naked In Manhattan.'

  • Chappell records in the same studio as Olivia Rodrigo. They both work with the producer Dan Nigro. Chappell did the backing vocals for several Olivia Rodrigo songs including 'Lacy,' 'Obsessed' and 'Can't Catch Me Now.' She recorded the backing vocals for 'Bad Idea' but isn't sure if they used it or not.

  • She opened for Olivia Rodrigo the night after her first headline show.

  • During her latest tour, a percentage of shows' sales went towards the Black trans charity, 'For the Gworls'

  • The concept for 'Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girls' was inspired by an Architectural Digest YouTube video. The song's spoken word intro was then inspired by Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro.'

  • Says it took years to finish 'Red Wine Supernova' as she couldn't figure out the bridge to the song.

  • Despite Chappell's grandparents being heavily conservative, they're featured in the music video for 'Hot to Go.'

  • Elton John says she's a "complete favourite" of his and that her latest record is "amazing."

  • Her favourite drag queens include Trixie Mattel, Sasha Colby, Crystal Methyd and Mo Heart.

  • Loves the song 'Cool for Summer' by Demi Lovato and wishes she wrote it.

  • She says girls who own exotic pets know how to fuck and know they're good at it.

  • She’s obsessed with Sketchers.

  • Enjoys playing Fortnite or Mario while high.

  • She can do the splits.

  • She says slime videos are "pure ecstasy" and makes her feel "like there could be a god."

  • She has the word 'Princess' tattooed on her lower back

  • She says fans will leave her voice messages in her DMs.

  • She dreams of living in a cottage in a forest in Northern Washington.



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