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Our Fave Fat Activists On The Internet Right Now

For the past decade I've lived my life on social media as an outspoken, fat, queer woman.

And with that (as you can imagine) I've experienced my fair share of fatphobic trolls.

Apparently being a fat person on the internet with (god forbid) OPINIONS is a sore point for some folks.

Countless times I've been tempted to remove myself from social media and stay silent when it comes to topics about fat liberation and body positivity.

But thanks to badass fat bitches like Roxane Gay and Aubrey Gordon (just to name a few) I've been able to push through the madness of social media and speak my truth.

I think we can all agree the internet can be a tough place sometimes, but having strong inspiring people on my newsfeed has done wonders for my self confidence and intellect.

It's amazing to see so many plus size babes on social media openly speak out against fatphobia - 16 year old Demi would've hated herself a whole lot less if she was aware of these courageous people as a teen.

So without further ado, here are some of my favourite badass fat activists on the internet right now.


Victoria - @fatfabfeminist

When I started putting together this list I instantly thought of Victoria the 'Fat Fab Feminist.'

I've been following her work on Instagram and Twitter for years - long before I even identified myself as a fat activist.

They are such a badass and I've learnt so much from them throughout the years.

She just has a way with words no one else on the internet seems to have - the way she articulates her arguments is still mind-blowing to me.


MahMah Tohoa Lita Tetini Timoteo - @pori.mahmah

I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with this ray of sunshine.

Not only is MahMah a badass bitch who isn't afraid to call out brands for their lack of size inclusivity, but her stories on Instagram will always leave you laughing and smiling EVERY.DAMN.DAY.

And the way she normalises fat people enjoying food on the internet with her ASMR food videos means the world to me and so many other fat bitches out there in the world.


Lacey-Jade Christie - @laceyjadechristie

Lacey-Jade Christie is my FAVE comeback queen.

Particularly on TikTok, Lacey-Jade ain't afraid to call out the fatphobic trolls and she ain't afraid to read a bitch!

Not only that but her fashion is impeccable and I need all her outfits pronto.

How does one steal an entire person's wardrobe - asking for a friend.


Roxane Gay - @roxanegay74

The legend. The icon. It's Roxane Gay of course.

I mean how could I not include her on this list?!?!

Her contribution to feminism and fat activism will be remembered for generations to come.

If you haven't already please read her New York Times bestselling books 'Bad Feminist' and 'Hunger: A Memoir Of My Body,' - they will change your life.


Raffela Mancuso - @raffela_mancuso

I've only recently discovered Raffela Mancuso and I'm already obsessed.

Firstly, anyone that's not afraid to call out thin people for taking up space in the body positive movement - I instantly adore.

Secondly, her brutally honest discussions about mental health is refreshing AF.

Finally - Raffela can we just be friends already! I adore you!


Aubrey Gordon - @yrfatfriend

Aubrey Gordon. Source: Washington Post

Okay words, what words can I use to describe my admiration and obsession with Aubrey Gordon?

Like where do I even start - her fabulous book 'What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat,' or her highly successful podcast 'Maintenance Phase,' or her many many many educational and groundbreaking articles and Twitter posts as her pseudonym 'Your Fat Friend.'

The way Aubrey articulates her arguments and stories is phenomenal.

If you're just starting to unlearn your anti-fat bias, Aubrey Gordon's work is a great starting point in dismantling your internalised fatphobia.


Jessamyn Stanley - @mynameisjessamyn

Without exaggeration Jessamyn is the Beyonce of yoga.

She is a highly accomplished author and yoga teacher that’s helped thousands of people move their bodies and combat antifatness.

Plus plus plus we cannot forget Jessamyn's BADASS naked yoga classes on OnlyFans - calling her an icon is an understatement!


April Hélène-Horton - @thebodzilla

It's been incredible to see April's platform grow over the years as she cements herself in Australia's fashion and activism landscape.

She's also used her growing platform to talk about numerous social justice issues and elevate others in the plus size community.

I cannot wait to see what's next for April in 2023!



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