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Channel 10 Brings Us Their Most EXCITING Pilot Week Yet!

For the first time...



I'm EXCITED for Channel 10's Pilot Showcases!

For those unaware, Pilot Week is where Channel 10 showcases the pilot episodes of six brand new original Aussie shows.

To be honest in previous years I didn't really care for Pilot Week - I mean this was the same project that brought us Kyle Sandiland's 'Trial By Kyle' TV series.

However, this year Channel 10 brought us the goods: they brought us diversity, interesting conversations and actually entertaining television that won't destroy our souls.

Three particular pilots have caught my attention and I will do everything in my power to get them picked up as full series.

Here are my top picks for Pilot Week...


Courtney's Closet

Author, LGBTQIA+ advocate, media personality, RuPaul's Drag Race runner-up and of course Aussie icon, Courtney Act, FINALLY has her own show.

Every week, the beloved drag icon will interview Aussie celebrities and turn them into drag superstars.

"I’ll draw out cracking yarns, good conversation and the true essence of each guest before revealing their new look and new persona," says Courtney, "touching, reflective and hilarious - this isn't about laughing at a bloke trying to walk in heels (which is apparently much harder than I make it look), it’s about using the power of transformation to access a new side to some of our favourite people."

Dinner Guest

Narelda Jacobs, Susan Carland, and Melissa Leong - need I say more!

Every episode the three brilliant, exceptionally talented and remarkable women will have candid and heartfelt conversations over dinner with a surprise guest.

Or as Melissa Leong perfectly puts it, "an Aboriginal, an Asian and a Muslim woman walk into a restaurant."

Susan Carland says they'll discuss "society, culture, politics, work, families, beliefs - everything that makes us human."

"My friend, journalist and proud Whadjuk Nyoongar woman Narelda Jacobs dreamt of creating a talk show, driven by intelligent, under-represented women, sharing opinions that have rarely been heard, let alone celebrated, on mainstream Australian she made it happen," says Susan, "[Dinner Guest] is a candid, heartfelt and smart look at the issues, stories and people we care about: we say what you're all thinking but have never heard on TV."

Abbie Chats

Former reality star turned podcaster turned radio host turned entrepreneur turned TV presenter Abbie Chatfield is set to grace our screens yet again with her upcoming pilot 'Abbie Chats.'

According to 10 Play, the show will "explore, understand and reveal worlds not commonly seen or heard from on television."

Very little has been revealed about the highly anticipated pilot, Abbie says "you'll have to find out more when you watch it" on 10 Play.

"This show is not just something I'm hosting," says Abbie, "but also a concept of my own that has been a long time in the making."


It's beyond thrilling to see so many Queer voices and women of colour featured in this year's Pilot Showcase.

It seems like the mainstream networks are FINALLY are listening to us and our need for more diversity on our television screens.

If you want a full season of any of these shows - stream it, talk about it online and create as much buzz as possible.

All pilots are available to stream now on Ten Play.



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