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The Kaleidoscope Quiz: Big Wett

Big Wett performing

Known for her wraparound glasses, hot pink outfits and love for double ended dildos, Big Wett isn't afraid to entertain the masses with her outrageous music and tantalising shows. Despite only releasing her first single late last year, Big Wett is already making a name for herself thanks to her infectious energy and deliciously filthy songs like 'Eat My Ass' and 'Number 1 Pussy.' She's toured Australia, she's toured the UK and now she's set to perform alongside the likes of Lizzo, Flume and Cub Sport at Splendour In The Grass.

But like any public figure - there's more to Big Wett than her slutty music. She loves lettuce on toast. She gets very competitive playing Catan. And before she was the queen of "erotic bangers" she was a dental assistant. So here is everything you need to know about Big Wett.


You first started songwriting in lockdown initially as a hobby. Were there any other hobbies/interests you developed during lockdown?

I was in Naarm/Melbourne for the whole of lockdown so I had a lot of time to discover a lot of hobbies. I did made coasters out of clay. And me, my boyfriend and housemate did a lot of painting. We painted a whole oasis setting with every animal you can think of, witches, a pegasus and people getting abducted by aliens. We did this every Saturday for like a year. Also we played board games - especially Catan, we are very competitive with Catan.

What’s the weirdest thing you pretended to like for an ex.

I did really pretend to like anal for while because my boyfriend at the time had a tongue piercing and he gave like the best head ever. So I thought this is a fair trade. But no I didn't like anal, it made me poo all the time.

On a scale of 1-10 how gross and falling apart is your favourite bra.

I just had to chuck out my favourite one because the elastic was gone and it was basically a useless piece of fabric. It's like saying farewell to an old friend.

What's on your TikTok FYP/feed?

Mainly just hot guys doing dances.

Big Wett posing in pink leotard and white shoes.
Image Source: Marcus Coblyn

Favourite show to watch when you’re scrolling through your phone.

Grey's Anatomy. It's so trashy but just so comforting at the same time.

What’s the worse job you’ve ever had?

I was a dental assistant and being in people's mouths was not nice. It was fun and I learnt a lot but some people should really brush their teeth more.

What are you hoping to get for your next tattoo?

I just got some tattoos on my arm - a barbed wire butterfly, a sun with sunglasses on it and a brontosaurus.

If you could have sex with any historical figure who would it be?

Rihanna - I know she's alive but she's so hot.

Describe drunk Big Wett in a sentence.

She doesn't shut the fuck up and is always down for a good time. I'm a Leo and an only child so I'm pretty loud and chatty as it is.

Name a celebrity/inspirational figure that would make you *fan girl* if you ever met them?

Beyonce - the whole time I wouldn't know what to say and be trying not to say 'fuck.'

You have a song called, ‘Eat My Ass,’ what’s your best tip to eating ass?

Nice and slow. Don't be too fast and poky with the tongue. Flatten the tongue and lick up. Moisten it up with the full width of your tongue.

Describe the smell of your fart in one word.


Go to meal when drunk/high.

Hot chips with gravy or a margarita pizza. Very important life lesson - you can't have hot chips without gravy.

Big Wett performing in pink outfit while wearing sunglasses and holding mic.
Image Source: Mark Cavill

Who’s your favourite internet daddy right now?

Any daddy that gives me money I love.

How does someone become the “number one pussy in the club?”

It's a lifestyle, it's a mind frame that no one is going to get you down and people must treat you with respect. Not taking any shit, wearing whatever you want - everyone can have the number one pussy in the club as long as they're not a cunt.

Least favourite sex position?

Missionary - it's boring and you leave it up to the guy. They're not trying for you, they're just trying for them.

Favourite day to have sex?


Least favourite chore at home?

Every chore - I hate cleaning, I hate it.

Favourite swear word?


Whats your go-to everyday breakfast?

Egg on toast with lettuce and tomato. I love lettuce on toast in the morning - I love the crunch, its refreshing.

What’s your favourite type of dinosaur?


Would you rather never wear pink again or never wear sunglasses again?

In my personal life I would never wear sunglasses. And for Big Wett I would never wear pink again.

Describe your style of music in one sentence.

Slut pop, erotic bangers, sex rap - songs for sluts.

What’s the funniest reaction you’ve had from conservative people regarding your music?

All the hate is really funny. Cause it's like I get that they don't like it. I'm happy that not everyone likes it. It'd be too boring and too easy if everyone liked it. Someone once said I was the "death of music" - which I actually really appreciated.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever brought on stage?

I do bring out a double ended dildo. The current guy I'm working with is name 'Thick Dick Rick.' I originally had another one name 'Doctor Dong Dildo' but someone stole him off stage. But you know it's all good I bet he's living a good life and I upgraded to a double size and double thick cock king. People don't realise but he's really heavy. Holding him up during a whole song is a real workout.

Big Wett performing on stage with a dildo.
Image Source: Instagram / Big Wett

You’re performing at Splendour In The Grass this year. What other acts will you be seeing while you’re there?

Lizzo definitely, I love her and her energy. I have a lot of friends playing too so it'll be exciting to support them - Cub Sport, Flume, Memphis, El Fang. When you're performing at a festival and you know other bands there it's less daunting, it's nice to hang out with everyone.

What’s your favourite place to perform at?

Meredith. It was the first festival I ever did, a big career thing for me, biggest crowd I've ever played to.

Name five things you must take with you when on tour.

Moisturiser, hair oil, vibrator, nitendo switch and airpods.

Dream collab?


What's a career goal you recently achieved?

I just toured the UK. I really want to tour everywhere. I want to go to South America.


Make sure to check out Big Wett at Splendour In The Grass. And listen to her latest song, "GSPOT."

You can also find Big Wett on Instagram and Spotify.


Header Image Source: Ash Caygill


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