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The Kaleidoscope Quiz: Brittney Saunders

From YouTuber to influencer to now business mogul, to say Brittney Saunders is 'killing it' would be an understatement. As founder and CEO of FAYT The Label, Staple Swim, Form Active, Flamingo Coffee, Outdo Collective and Outdo Espresso, Brittney has cultivated a multi million dollar empire. And although her days of being an influencer and YouTuber are behind her, Brittney has always been open with her followers about her life, particularly when it comes to growing her many businesses. In fact, nowadays many will recognise Brittney for her hilarious behind the scenes workplace videos - making us all jealous and wishing our jobs looked that fun.

For the past decade I've watched Brittney grow into a thriving entrepreneur so I was beyond honoured to interview her for the Kaleidoscope Quiz. Her down to earth mentality and admirable work ethic is very much infectious. She truly is an inspiration for people wanting to start their own business.


What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

The worst job I ever had was selling subscription TV like Austar and Foxtel and it was commission only. I was 16, would go around shopping centres and stand in the middle all day trying to stop people, getting them to sign up to 24 month contracts. I honestly lasted like two months and made basically nothing.

Who was your least favourite teacher in school?

I had two - the first one was our careers advisor, he was just a cranky old man, so it was never good when you had a meeting with him. And the other one was my French teacher, she would never let you go to the bathroom which was hard because in Year 7 I got my period and then was always worried it would overflow. One time I actually just ran out because I knew that I needed to go to the bathroom and she was chasing me down the hallway.

Best and worst thing about Newcastle.

BEST - We do not have traffic. I've lived in Sydney, I've lived in Melbourne, I've lived in Brisbane, and here we have no traffic. We have everything that you could ever want and need from a city, minus the traffic, which I think is just such a bonus, because then when I go to Sydney, it's just a nightmare.

WORST - I kind of do wish we had more things to do. Like, I love when you go to Melbourne and there's just like so many places to go to, but Newcastle is on the rise and we've had so many cool bars, restaurants, cafes pop up over the years.

What YouTube video from your early days makes you cringe the most?

All of them, honestly. I remember even a while back my mum would want to get them out and show people. Actually, before my main YouTube channel, I had another one that I made in high school (it's all private now) - so embarassing.

What do you miss most about the early days of YouTube?

I guess I miss how innocent it all was in the beginning and how non-monetised it really was. It felt more like a little bit of a safe space, and it was really community involved.

Brittney made a name for herself on YouTube as a teenager.

What was the last thing you googled?

I googled 'can dogs eat corn?'

What’s currently on your phone background?

My phone background at the moment is a screenshot of a message that someone I know sent me and we were just having a conversation one day and they said something really nice about me and then it's just like a little motivating quote for me.

What’s on your TikTok FYP/feed at the moment?

Just all the trending audios that I know that I can then go and use in my own TikToks.

How do you take your coffee?

I am an iced latte on almond milk gal.

Source: FAYT The Label

Would you rather spend the day packing orders or answering emails?

I feel like I would rather pack orders because you have a lot more fun.

Whats pieces from FAYT The Label do you constantly wear at work?

Every day this week I wear our black tights. And in the winter time I live in our blazers.

You have many businesses. At this very second which one is currently your favourite (aka the golden child)?

Fayt The Label

Which business had the most complications starting up?

The most fiddly thing to start up would actually be opening our stores. There's a lot of technical parts to opening a store. There's so many little tiny things that you have to sign off on to even get in there, to get builders in there, all the certificates that you need to get the insurances.

What’s your thoughts on brands not being size inclusive?

When I talk about brands not being more inclusive with their sizing, I'm not talking about those little startups or people just running it at home, but for big brands there's no real excuse for it other than they don't want everyone to be included or more people to be included. There's brands that have been around for 20-25 years and they're still not doing it. At the end of the day it's actually really heartbreaking, because these brands are essentially saying, "if you're above a size 14 you're not welcome here." We have so many customers come into our store who have experienced that. They come into our store and they've got tears rolling down their eyes because they can't believe that they can come into our store and look through all the items. I hope that more and more brands will realise that there is a demand for more sizes because people deserve to be included.

I had one woman in our Sydney store say to me, "I can't believe I can come in here and go through the hangers and I don't even have to go all the way to the back one." We get a lot of tears in the change-rooms because people can't believe that they've got a pair of beautiful jeans that fit them. It's just so special.

What are your thoughts on brands that launch a plus size range, barely promote it and then stop doing plus size because "no one bought it?"

You can't just launch one collection in your new sizes, promote it for a couple of weeks and let it run its course. You have to promote it to the right audience, get the right models, work with the right influencers and content creators. It's not going to be instant success overnight.

When did you get your first phone and what type was it?

My first phone was the Nokia 2100. I think I got it for my 13th or 14th birthday. And I had a pink Paul Frank phone case on it. And I had a Paul Frank pink keychain to wear around my neck. So I was walking around netball on a Saturday with my phone hanging off my neck. And I thought I was so cool.

Your go-to KFC order?

A large ZingerBox with the wicked wings and Coke (Pepsi Max if they don't have coke).

How do you think your staff would describe you as a boss?

They would describe me as Michael Scott from 'The Office.'

What fashion trend are you happy to see come back in style?

Blazers and wider leg jeans.

How would you describe your dancing style.

Kath Day-Knight from 'Kath & Kim.'

Least favourite chore at home?


Favourite show to watch when you’re scrolling through your phone.

'The Office.'

Favourite meal you’ve ever eaten.

It's a toss up between my mum's lasagna and my Nanna's potato bake.

You’re about to open a FAYT The Label store in Chermside, QLD. Where else do you hope to open some stores?

Next we'll probably look at Melbourne.

What’s a career goal you recently achieved?

Opening our Chermside store. And I actually learnt a new skill recently that's added a lot of value to our business. I've learnt how to do paid Facebook and Instagram ad. We've always used external marketing companies but now we've taken it internally and I've learnt how to do it all. You always have to be willing to upskill yourself and learning how to do things.


Be sure to check out FAYT The Label at Chermside, Queensland. Grand Opening on Friday July 14.

You can also find Brittney Saunders on Instagram and TikTok.


Header Image Source: Instagram / Brittney Saunders


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