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Aussie Women In Media Are Losing Their Jobs Because They Won't Stay Silent On Genocide

Despite hosting an award winning podcast that’s garnered over a million listener downloads, Clementine Ford has been axed from Nova.

Why you may ask?

What could she have possibly done wrong to have her successful, popular podcast come to an end?

Well, apparently…using one’s personal platform to call out the murder of 19,000+ people is deemed too controversial for Nova.

And the podcasting giant isn’t the only platform to think this way - let’s bring in the ABC.

This week journalist and radio presenter Antoinette Lattouf was axed from the ABC for also speaking out against genocide.

In a recent social media post Lattouf spoke about her disappointment in the ABC and their decision to “unlawfully” terminate her.

“This is not a win for journalism or critical fair thinking,” says Lattouf, “I’m currently considering my legal options.”

It’s devastating to think people in Australian media are losing their jobs for simply speaking out against the barbaric, inhumane crimes in Gaza.

How is this okay?

How is talking about genocide a fireable offence?

How many other voices in the media are being silenced by their employers?

If this is where Australia’s news and entertainment industry is heading, I fear for the future of Australian media.



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